Why Use Natural Remedies?

Why Use Natural Remedies

If anyone asks me “Why use Natural Remedies?” I would say why would you not use them!

I am not suggesting here that you should use natural remedies to the exclusion of all others, but there is definitely a place for them. Of course, sometimes it is essential to consult a doctor, and of course your doctor should be aware of your medical conditions, but for minor ailments they are often a very quick and effective solution.

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What Is The Best CBD Oil To Buy

What Is The Best CBD Oil To Buy?

Everywhere there is so much hype about CBD Oils that is is really hard to find out what is the best CBD Oil to buy.

But wonder no more! I can definitely help you there.

But first I invite you to watch the following short video:

What can I say? For me, that just about wraps it up! It leaves me in absolutely no doubt as to what is the best CBD Oil to buy! CTFO!

What is CBD Oil Anyway?

Derived from the hemp leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant, Cannabidiol — or CBD — is a cannabinoid with the restorative potential to help support the reduction of discomfort, deep relaxation, brain health and function, relieve sore joints & muscles and ease feelings of high stress.

It can help with so many conditions:

what is the best CBD oil to buy

But What About You?

You may still be feeling confused, but I do hope that you are not!

If this is the first time that you have come across the Science behind CBD oils, then you obviously need more information in a more understandable form, just like I did when I first began to learn about CBD.

So Let’s Unpack the Science!

Dr Tribiani talks about CBDa.

  • CBDa is Cannabidiolic Acid, which occurs naturally in the Hemp plant, but when it is heated it turns into CBD.
  • As CBDa is far more effective in the help with so many conditions, including pain relief, scientists tried to find a way to turn Cannabidiolic acid into oil without destroying the CBDa.
  • The scientists associated with CTFO succeeded in doing this, which was a fantastic scientific breakthrough.

CBDa is the mother of CBD. CBDa is raw, pure and free of solvents, combustion and toxic residue, and when processed, especially at high heat, converts to CBD, and destroys most or all the CBDa. Think of it as harvesting fresh vegetables from your back yard and cooking them at high heat—-something good is always lost.

Early CBDa research suggests it could deliver potent relief by selectively inhibiting an enzyme in our bodies called COX-2. COX-2 is an enzyme that triggers when you experience injury. The response is natural. CBDa research suggests that it reduces the production of prostaglandin by blocking the COX-2 enzyme. Less prostaglandin results in less discomfort.

The best of both worlds would be a plant-based product/ingredient that blocks COX-2 (without blocking COX-1 which supports the cardio-vascular system.)  Research suggests that CBDa does just that.

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If you would like to read more about 10X Pure, you can see my article about it. 

So All CBD Oils Are Not The Same?

Indeed they are not!

It is a sad fact that tests have shown that about 67% of CBD Oils which are sold, both online and in stores, do not contain the amount of CBD which they claim. The rest are mostly good quality oils, but they cannot compare to CTFO CBD Oils.

And those which claim to contain CBDa are not able in fact to deliver any CBDa to the body as it is destroyed by body heat and the digestive system. That is why the CTFO 10X Pure delivery system is so much better – it protects the CBDa and delivers it to the parts of the body which need it.

And do you know that the human body actually has an endocannabinoid system that has receptors spread throughout the brain!


what is the best CBD Oil to buy

So What Is The Best CBD Oil To Buy? 

what is the best CBD oil to buy

CTFO make a number of different CBD Oils of varying strengths, so you can choose which one you have according to your need.

I have tried all of the strengths, and I have found that they are all effective. But I have no doubt that the 10X Pure delivery system does exactly what it promises.

But CBDa is the most effective at helping with pain and inflammation, and also with anxiety, as well as all helping with the other conditions mentioned above.

So my favourite is 10X Pure-Gold Super 1000.

Here is one reason why:

About two weeks ago I woke up with a good deal of pain in my hip – it felt like a trapped nerve. At the time I was taking the  10XPure 500mg CBD Oil. I had been very happy with that, but the pain of the nerve was getting through.

I decided to try 10X Pure-Gold Super 1000. After just two 10 drop doses, the pain had almost gone, and the next day it had disappeared! I am continuing to take 10X Pure-Gold Super 1000, and I have had no more pain! It’s just magic!! No drugs, just a completely natural remedy!!


But don’t take just my word for it.

Here is a selection of testimonials from genuine people who have been helped by 10X Pure-Gold Super 1000.

Carrolle K… testimonials:

“My first hours using 10x Gold Super 1000 Testimony!🌱💚😍


Ok I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I received my 10x Gold Super 1000 today, in fact about 3pm. I intentionally didn’t take my pain meds at my scheduled time and was suffering at a level 10+++ (or more😭😩) as I have this crap that effects my whole body with massive pain and it’s 24/7 and invisible. Got the idea? I wanted to really put this to the test!

I took 5 drops as quickly as I could open the package, I let it sit under my tongue like for a minute as I wanted maximum absorption! Mind you I’m closely mentally taking notes 😢🤔

About 20 minutes later … are you sitting down? The pain went from that ugly crying 10 to about a 3!!! This girl is AMAZED! Ok so now it’s about two hours later and I took another 2 drops to see “how low can I go”!! ie. How little it will take me 🤪

People this is so unbelievable!! To say I’m excited is an understatement! 

If YOU suffer with pain and inflammation or know someone who does and it’s controlling your life then you need this too!”



Thomas Hiatt

October 21, 2019

My son Richard A. Hiatt was diagnosed August 11th with radiation induced Sarcoma- a Head full of tumors. His symptoms were incredible headaches pain level 10+, loss of balance ,slurred speech and loss of appetite . The prognosis was two months to terminal. He had his 23rd radiation treatment today . He takes 10 x Gold 1000 preemptive 4 times daily and 10 x pure 1500 (micro doses )4 x daily. His doctor called him a superstar because he has no pain ,zero nausea and has regained his balance.He believes the 10 X pure is helping restore his homeostasis. Ultimately his prayerful thanks for those who made CTFO available is ongoing! he wins everyday.I am thankful to the founders of these products because his fight is much easier without pain.There are two associates in our group who are survivors and they credit CBDa for restoring their health. They are in complete remission.

Nature’s Miracle ~ Relief At Last

Today, I received our new 10x Pure Gold Super 1000 in the mail. I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to take 10 drops or start out with the full 20 drops for the first time. Now I’ve been having discomfort in both feet since 2013 with little to no relief. Step on the floor in the morning. ouch. As my big toe hit the floor, never mind both feet fully on the floor it would hurt. 

I started out with 10 drops at 11 a.m. I sat down for about an hour or so. This was the true test. I got up still with only slippers on. There was a noticeable difference! I decided to take another 10 drops at 1:30 pm, the discomfort had lessened after my first take, but I wanted to see how an additional 10 drops would serve me. This time sitting down for a longer period of time. I WALKED WITH NO FOOT DISCOMFORT, WOW. This is something I had not experienced since 2013! 

10x Pure Gold Super 1000 will definitely be my go to oil daily. I am beyond grateful to CTFO for not only having products that truly do help people seek relief for different reasons but for giving me the opportunity to service folks and fur-babies across the globe. Thank You.❤.        Darlene Berube

Those are just three of the very many people who have been helped by  10X Pure-Gold Super 1000. You can see more here if you wish – just scroll to the bottom of that page.

You may be wondering how to find more about CTFO, and if you wish you can read my article which is on the front pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing here.

So why not try some of CTFO’s superb CBD Oil. You can buy the products at wholesale prices if you go to https://chrissies.myctfo.com, where you can join CTFO absolutely free, that is definitely the best way to buy them.

I do hope that you now know what is the best CBD Oil to buy!

And please do let me know how much better they make you feel, and if you have any  questions or opinions, please do leave them for me in the Comments section below and I will be very happy to reply to you.

Thank you so much for reading this 🙂

How CTFO CBD Oil Can Help With Drugs Addiction

How CTFO CBD Oil Can Help With Drugs Addiction

I have just watched the most amazing video about how CTFO CBD Oil can help with Drugs Addiction, and how it has already helped so many sufferers

The video consists of an interview with Dr Rick Sloan, the renowned Addiction Expert, and I heartily recommend that you watch it too, especially if you have loved ones who suffer from addiction.

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Benefits Of CTFO CBD Oil, And Where To Buy It.

Benefits Of CTFO CBD Oil

There are so very many health benefits of CTFO CBD Oil, so if you have come to this post to find out just what they are, then you have definitely come to the right place! It is a very hot topic at the moment, and it seems as though everyone is talking about it.

How can it be possible that just a few drops of this Oil can help with so many conditions?

Well of course, I cannot prove that to you – the only person who can do that is you yourself, simply by taking them regularly. It will probably take a while to really feel the effects, although many people have reported that they feel better almost immediately.

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Holiday First Aid Kit | Tips On Which Natural Remedies To Take With You 2018

Your Holiday First Aid Kit – What Natural Remedies To Take

At last its time to go on holiday, but don’t forget your Holiday First Aid Kit!!

You have been looking forward to your holiday for so long, and you don’t want anything to spoil it!

You have booked your holiday, booked your flight, sorted out your insurance, and made sure that your passport is up to date.

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Fitflops for Women – And Men Too! Why I Love My Fitflops!

Fitflops for Women- And Men Too!

I have called this post “Fitflops for Women” as it is in fact mainly women who tend to wear them but Fitflop also do a smaller range of shoes for men too, and I would not like to exclude men from the joy of wearing Fitflops!

And it is a joy, no doubt about that!

I first discovered Fitflops many years ago, and it was love at first wear!!!

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What Natural Remedies To Use For Skin Problems And Disorders

What Natural Remedies To Use For Skin Problems

People often ask about what natural remedies to use for Skin Problems

We all have problems with our skin from time to time, and we need to know the best way to deal with them.

Here I will be discussing some of the most common  skin problems, and showing you the best Natural Remedies to use for these problems

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How Is Lavender Essential Oil Made And How Is It Used?

How is Lavender Essential Oil Made?

I often wondered how is Lavender Essential Oil made, as it is by far my favourite essential oil. Lavender is a beautiful, fragrant plant and its name is derived from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”.

That is most appropriate, as Lavender has long been used as a cleanser, as it has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which can help to reduce the damage which is done to the body by free radicals.

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Natural First Aid Remedies for Cuts and Wounds, Bruises, Burns and Headaches

Natural First Aid Remedies For Everyday Use.

Here I will be talking about Natural First Aid Remedies for use in everyday situations.

Obviously we all have some kind of first aid kit which contain, amongst other things, sticking plasters, dressings and bandages, and I am not suggesting that there are natural alternatives to those. Having said that. I know that I always use micropore plasters and tape, as those avoid any allergic reaction to conventional sticking plasters.

I will be suggesting which natural remedies to use for:

My Favourite Natural First Aid Remedies.

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How to Treat a Cold Naturally. Help with Colds, Coughs and Flu.

 How To Treat A Cold Naturally

This is the time of year when coughs, colds and ‘flu are all too frequent, even though Spring is at last on the way! So if you or any of your family are suffering, you may want to know how to treat a cold naturally.

Of course, we all know that there is no cure for the common cold as yet, but there are several methods which you may choose which will alleviate the symptoms and will help your body to get rid of the virus which is causing them.

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